The Next Four Years

January 10

I tried to find some cheesy, clever quote to put at the beginning of this post that was profound and thought provoking, but alas I could not.

This journey of mine technically started 8 years ago in 2010 when I started college. I started writing on this blog 3 years and 9 days ago and since then life’s been a whirlwind. I thought it’d be a cool idea to blog about my obsession with TV, as I had spent a major chunk of my college career watching TV is my school’s computer lab. For that story check out this post The Beginning… ,

I thought it’s be a cool idea to keep recapping my life in the 4 year intervals this post to stay along the theme of “The Last Four Years” where I’d recap what it is that’s actually happened within that time span. I now realize Ihave a draft that I wrote last yr January that literally did just that

*Update*  so i just read/posted my draft and I realized the ending sounded enthusiastic as hell and didn’t adequately premise how my 2017 actually went. If you want to read here (Hey…?.)

As I type, my gears are shifting and writing about the past four years doesn’t seem as intriguing to me as it did 20 minutes ago. Plus that post sums up the last 2 years of my life. My last post seemed so optimistic about the future, but in all honesty I wasn’t ready for anything that would have come my way, so nothing manifested.  Also, two weeks after I wrote that post I experienced one of the most difficult point in my life for 2017(career wise). If you’re interested in that story (my two viewers) let me know. 2017 had it’s trash moments but it also had GREAT moments filled with growth and friendship. So, with all of that being said, I decided that i was to focus on my journey ahead rather than reflecting on the past. The “Next Four Years” seems a lot more interesting.


P.S. I don’t know what direction is taking.. we’ll figure it out along the way. I will however, post the imperfect, unfinished post even if the show is cancelled or if it’s not up too my standard of perfection. Blogs are supposed to be fun. *shrugs*




Hey, guys! Long time no speak.

As you can see I haven’t posted on here in over a year. Honestly, I’ve been “adulting” and trying to find that life, work balance that people constantly talk about.Personally, I don’t think it exist. Last year January (2016), I quit my job without a backup plan. I thought the time off would provide me with clarity to really figure out what my “next steps would be.”

“My Next Steps” that phrase became my mantra! Anytime someone asked what I was doing in life or why I quit my job “my next steps” didn’t seem to follow far behind. I thought it’d be easy I just live at home. I saved up a significant amount of money to sustain me because I knew I was quitting months, prior to actually doing it. I was just waiting to walk for graduation.

Little did I know that my decision to quit would be met with much opposition, but I digress. The time had come and I had “officially” graduated from school even though I had finished the year prior. I quit my job and  I was about to embark on a “journey of discovery” *cues Half and Half theme song*

My mornings consisted of getting my newborn niece ready for the sitter’s, looking for jobs, debating myself on why I was looking for jobs when I didn’t know what I wanted to do, watch TV, eat, and nap.

That routine got real old, real quick.  Did I start wondering why didn’t I study something I really wanted to? a lot of Whys and no real answers. One month turned into two months. Two turned into three and I still had no idea what I was doing with my life. Everyone around me seemed to have it sort of figured out and I was sitting here looking like “Boo Boo the fool.” On top of that, I had two upcoming trips that had already been agreed upon depleting me of my funds that I had saved up.

Things got real, real fast. At this point, I was just looking for any old job I could find. I even contemplated going back to my job I had just quit knowing that I hated it but know they would gladly take me back. My routine began changing drastically;

Get niece ready, apply for jobs,  eat,  watch TV, then nap,

getting my niece ready eat, TV, nap.

niece ready, TV, nap.

niece ready, nap.

sleep all day

I wasn’t eating, I wasn’t applying myself, hell I wasn’t even watching TV because I felt like it was the only thing I could do. I tried to blog about what I had watched, but I couldn’t. I felt useless. I felt like my opinion of television would be half baked, half-assed foolishness.

I had so many drafts in my reserve, unfinished, with  no motivation to complete. mainly for two reasons:

  1. I was low-key depressed– being out of school and realizing that you now have no purpose or rather feeling purposeless really takes a toll on you.
  2. I suck at proof-reading- In the event someone of importance were to stumble upon my blog I didn’t want to them to be met with run-on and poorly phrased sentences.

Then I got a  call about a job in May! At the right time in my life. Right before my first trip in June, everything seemed like perfect timing. Since getting that job I’ve just been WORKING! Somehow I knew something was missing and it was my job to find out what it was and fix it. I didn’t want to be in the same head space I was during my months of unemployment. I neglected one of the things I loved so much and that was this blog. Although my posts are few, my love for the act and watching TV has not diminished. However my outlook on how I perceive things has.

I won’t make promises and say I’ll post more because the truth of the matter is, I probably won’t.  I do however want to promise that I will take a more proactive role i.

I know I don’t have a following on here as most people don’t even know this blog exists unless I tell one or two of my friends to read a specific post but its always good to have something out there with the forethought that it might touch someone somewhere.

My “Four” year (really five and a half) journey in college might be over but a new one is beginning. I hope you stay on board for the ride.


THIS WAS WRITTEN (January 5) but never posted until now.

I’m Tired Y’all

Ok so this may sound like complete bull, but in the 3rd grade I stopped saying the “Pledge of Allegiance”( this is the only time I will give it the respect of being capitalized). No, it’s not because I felt like my people were oppressed and I understood the injustices we were facing. At 8 yrs. old I didn’t understand that shit, I just knew I didn’t mean what I was saying. I always heard say what you mean and mean what you say. If you know me this was definitely the mantra I lived by (as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to dial it back a bit).

This development was around the same time my parents had me learn the Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” speech by heart. I had to practice it day in and day out to perform it at church, oratorical contest you name it, I did it. Once you start to repeat something over and over it starts to resonate with you.  As I recited it over and over I began to sympathise with the speech.  I had no personal connection to it because at 8 yrs. old I was oblivious to racial issues; however I knew that it must’ve sucked to grow up black in the 60s. I used to think damn they had it rough but I’m grateful we’re past that in the 90s -__-! As I matured and grew and witnessed firsthand my sympathy turned into empathy and it’s crazy to me that this is actually still a thing.

I was privileged enough to go to a majority black private school where I was taught about Black History. I was privileged to have a father, who at times didn’t like to answer questions to his 8 yr. old inquisitive daughter about his revolutionary days in Grenada, who shared his experience, literally fighting for what he believed no matter the consequence. My parents inadvertently bestowed in me the ability to make a decision, stick with it, and fight for it; if it’s something I felt passionate about. This was at 8! As I’ve gotten older my reasons for not saying it have grown and I’m more adamant about not reciting this declaration.

The pledge of allegiance is symbolic of patriotism for one’s country and honestly I was never proud to be an American.  Whenever someone asked me where I was from or where I was born my answer was always Grenada (or England), because in actuality I didn’t want to be from here regardless of my reasons at that point.

What is there to be patriotic about?

The very act of reciting the pledge of allegiance is religious from your mannerism to the respect that you give the words:

You remove your hat from your head, you stand at attention, and you place your hand over you heart as you make a bold statement showing your utter loyalty and appreciation to a country who’s forefather’s paved the way for it to be the way it is. I’m not proud of the way that it is so why would I declare that shit?

The very act of putting your hand over your heart is symbolic. The heart pumps blood and creates oxygen it sustains our being. No heart, No blood, no life. Why in God’s green earth would I every say that my love for AMERICA runs so deep in my heart that it’s the reason I breathe? Why?

I’m just tired of putting hash tags before a persons name. I’m tired of legitimately having dreams about my brother being killed by cops and waking up rushing to his room to see if it was true or not ( This has happened like 4x). I’m tired of being afraid for my whenever my brother is out and doesn’t come home till late. I’m tired of worrying if my church friends, who fit a certain profile could be gunned down because of their looks.


America is not great and if this is what it take to “Make America Great Again” Trump deserves to be president.

In A Flash

From my previous post, you’d know that I am somewhat if a fanatic when it comes to comic books as well as it’s various adaptions whether it be film or television. If you haven’t read it here’s a direct link (Gothamist) where I talk about one of my favorites Gotham on Fox. I love what CW does in terms of creating content for these “superhero” shows especially “The Flash” rather than give an overview of the show like I normally do I decided to take a different approach. If you’ve been watching the show from the beginning or if you’ve recently been watching on Netflix one of your pass times whilst watching is speculating and trying to figure out what direction the writers might take. I’ve become a pretty adamant theorist and 8/10 my theories are almost always on point. So I’m gonna share one of my theories with you. Hoping you’ve seen the latest episode “Escape from Earth-2” if not there are MAJOR SPOILERS headed your way.
In the episode, Barry, Cisco, and Harry (Wells from Earth-2) entered the breach in hopes to save Jessie, Wells’ daughter who’s being held captive by Zoom. While there they’ve encountered their parallel doppelgangers amongst others like Deathstorm,  Reverb, and Killer Frost (Caitlin Snow from Earth-2) *quick sidebar* I’m actually really happy writers went with the whole alternate universe storyline this season. When Caitlin Snow was introduced in Arrows backdoor pilot for Flash I really liked her and was kind of nervous as to how she’d turn out because I knew that eventually, she’d become Killer Frost. This idea was definitely cemented when I saw a glimpse of her as Frost when Barry entered the Speed Force in last season’s finale “Fast Enough” as well as an imprisoned Barry which I’m still looking forward to seeing how that turns out. Introducing the other Earths opens a door of possibilities. OK back to our regularly scheduled program, long story short Jessie’s saved, Frost helps Cisco and his Earth-2 crew then double-crosses them by handing them over to Zoom, then triple crosses Zoom by trapping him in Ice for killing Deathstorm (I know it’s a lot to take in), meanwhile on Earth-1 Caitlin “perfects” Velocity 9 restoring Jay Garrick’s speed. Barry and his crew return to Earth-1 and close the breach, but not before Zoom can grab Jay. Oh yeah, there’s a guy in a mask that’s also imprisoned with Jessie who has seen wartime hence the use of POW code but let me not get ahead of myself.
Now onto my theories! First and foremost Jay seemed very sus this entire episode something about him just seemed off! I’ll elaborate on that in a bit. Now that Jessie is on Earth-1 and Caitlin has synthesized Velocity 9 I definitely see her becoming Jessie Quick now as well as Wally West making them new additions to Team Flash. Now onto “Jay Garrick” I put quotations because I don’t believe he’s who he says he is. One of my many theories is I think he’s Hunter Zolomon the real Zoom! Hear me out the Real Jay Garrick left Earth-2 through one of the breaches and has been living low profile on Earth-1. “Jay” points him out in a park and named him Hunter Zolomon. “Jay” is obsessed with speed and every time he receives a velocity shot from Caitlin it increases his speed but it’s not stabilized which is why he needed her to perfect it. Confusing? I know but stay with me, other than flashbacks and the last scene you’ve never seen Zoom and Jay in the same room not that I can remember. Even when S.T.A.R. Labs was being attacked by the Geomancer “Jay” was nowhere to be found because he was “napping” I think it’s because he was on Earth-2. Either he’s Zoom or working with him.
Mask Guy

Whilst I realize that this post is becoming deathly long. I’ll give one last theory. The guy in the mask is Jay Garrick. and “Jay” on Earth-1 stole his face that’s why he has a mask on his head. Reasons for thinking that in the comics Jay Garrick is well versed in a war which would make it incredibly likely that he would know how to communicate like POW’s did. Another reason when using the 5×5 code communicating with Jessie and Barry he went ballistic when Barry told him Jay was alive and well on his earth which was one of the main indicators stating that “jay” isn’t who he says he is.I have mores theories where Johnny Quick, Mercury Max, Eddie Thawne and Henry Allen are concerned but I’ll save that for a later date. For now, Tune into Flash on the CW on Tuesdays.



Gotham! I don’t expect you to know a lot about me seeing the ultimate slacker that I’ve been, but I’m a huge fan of comics. From vintage comics to the newer ones. From movie adaptations and television as well. The thing I love about comics is that no storyline is definite, everything exist in an alternate reality, a different world, different era, or alternate timeline. The death of a character is never expected or finite they may be brought back to life, reincarnated, or remain dead. With that being Gotham is back this season! Yes, I’ve been watching from the beginning, and yes I was immediately hooked but there’s something different about this season.

The premise of the show is what intrigued me most watching each character’s “humble beginnings” and how the writers embellished upon or even rewrote what they think should’ve been the origin of the character. Now whilst that alone seems interesting enough when the show initially started I was a bit thrown off by the acting. Now don’t get me wrong acting is a very hard job, and by no means do I know what it’s like, but I just wasn’t responding to it the way I wanted to. Maybe that was the producers and the writers intentions. To have a sort of dry monotone acting combined with cheesy comical one-liners, but it was something I couldn’t look past, but every week I watched on. Trying to figure out “Who is Fish Mooney?” What’s her role, how does the Penguin get to be the OG he is. Is there any relevance to Poison Ivy being here? Why is Bruce Wayne so bland? (that was one of my biggest questions). Now I’ve seen David Mazouz (Wayne) as an autistic genius in Fox’s canceled drama Touch, which is an amazing show starring Kiefer Sutherland, and he was absolutely amazing and maybe that role was made for him. I know that Batman is supposed to be this mysterious, brooding type but everything just screamed snore except when he was paired up with Selina Kyle; she brought something different out of him.

The second season, however, is only 3 episodes in and it’s BLOWING MY MIND! Not only did last season end with some pretty substantial plot twist, but it also led to some amazing character introductions like Jerome who led us to believe he would be the Joker which I’m not so certain of. Barbara Keane “killing her parents” which wasn’t seen on screen but we’re led to believe so and Enigma on his way to becoming the fully blown riddler. this season is just filled with so much potential especially in the growth of the whole Batman storyline I’m just excited to see how it all pans out.(This was written months ago)

Since then A LOT of storylines have unraveled especially the Riddler’s, without given spoilers because we all hate “spoilers”  (shameless Doctor Who plug) this season has fallen nothing shy of amazing and we’re only halfway through season two.


UnReality Tv

I loathe reality television! I deplore it! Now I’m all for supporting you watching whatever tickles your fancy, but I cannot stand when good shows are taken off the air and shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and Love and Hip Hop, Geordie Shore is almost 13 seasons strong. At first, I understood the appeal, you see people in their “element” and are allowed to see what it is they do on a daily basis. However, none of it is real and often times producers find new ways to spruce up these television shows by adding some kind of unwarranted drama.

That’s why I appreciated Lifetime’s show Unreal” it was a form of satire that exposed the reality of “reality TV” and to be quite honest I enjoyed. I gotta admit the ONLY reason I even considered watching UnReal is because of Freddie Stroma. After watching, I was hooked for a number of reasons the first one being Rachel the main character. The shows “closer” who seemed to have had a psychotic break at the culmination of the filming of their previous season of the Everlasting a parody to ABC’s Bachelor. Now she’s back with hopes of changing her situation but is pulled back into being the same manipulative, conniving, individual she was and it begins to take a toll on her mental health, AGAIN. I think the premise of this show is brilliant and it was really interesting to have a scripted show that basically exposes what really happens on these shows. Bravo, Sarah Shapiro, Bravo!!

It’s a bit late and the season has already concluded but it’s never too late to catch up on Unreal before season 2 commences.

Undateable (LIVE)

If you haven’t seen Undateable on NBC then, I’m sorry it’s never too late to start and if you have and weren’t a fan I’ll pray you get a sense of humour.

For the past year, I’ve been begging my friend to watch this show called Undateable for the simple fact that 1) I have an amazing taste in television, and 2) comedies are his bread and butter, so I thought I’d slather a little bit more on his plate. After months of begging and nagging, he finally took some time and gave it a shot. In 24 hrs time, he had marathoned the whole first season and managed to get caught up on the second season a week before the season finale. Now if that isn’t enough to spark your interest hopefully this is.

IT TAKES PLACE IN A BAR!! In my opinion, all the great shows take place in a bar/diner or at least have scenes that are in a bar. Cheers, The Sopranos, Happy Days, True Blood, and 2 Broke Girls. By no means am I saying that Undateable is the Sopranos of Primetime telly, but there’s just something about the bar atmosphere that makes for some amazing television. Each episode is filled with laughs and awesome chemistry, with such a diverse cast, in terms of representation of characters. From the womanizer to the creepy nerd, the burly gay one, the wimpy lover boy, the chubby lovable one, and the badass divorcee. This show isn’t short on laughs. The first season was enough to get me hooked.

In the second season a new cast mate was introduced and I wasn’t sure how’d she fit into the whole “Ménage à Six” that was going on. I’ve seen her mainly in children’s shows and movies like the Disney comedy Good Luck Charlie, but I wasn’t sure of she’s fit in to this particular sitcom. My uncertainty was soon put at ease. Sure, she played the stereotypical “dumb blonde” but her character was much more than that and there was room enough for her to grow without taking the show into a touchy feely drama it was never meant to be. Keeping the authenticity of the show.

Writers even took it up a notch when they decided to make the season finale of the second season LIVE and unfiltered, it was nothing short of unadulterated laughs. Watching the cast do what they do best, give laughs and having unbelievable chemistry while doing it. Don’t wanna take my word for it? Watch the premiere this Friday October 9!

You’re welcome.