Emily Owens M.D.

After evaluating what I look for in a television protagonist, I realised that there are shows plucked from TV way before their prime, without being given an ample amount of time to show its true potential. Emily Owens M.D. will always be at the top of my list for shows gone too soon. Mamie Gummer’s  portrayal of Emily is one of the very reasons why she may just be one of my favourite female television characters. Jennie Urman is a truly brilliant writer who does an exceptional job at catering to certain audiences .

Quirky girl finishes Med School and is doing her residency in Denver with her best friend Will (whom she’s madly in love with), but he’s oblivious so, she remains in the friend zone . With hopes of starting fresh and leaving her awkward high school days behind a blast from the past, mean girl Cassandra Kopelson is also doing her residency in Denver. Throw in a new lesbian best friend, hot supervisor, and a hard to read boss who’s attention you’re vying for and you’ve got a great premise for a pretty interesting show.

Although its not on Television it’s definitely worth a watch!



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