The Foxtrot

Within the past 2 years the Fox Network has really stepped up there game in the quality of shows they distribute, in terms of serious dramas. Don’t get me wrong Fox has produced some amazing shows in the past like House and Reunion, but were followed by subpar series. Consistency is something that was craved! In the same 2 years that  a wave of AMAZING shows have come, they’ve gone just as quickly. Shows like Gang Related, Mob Doctor, Red Band Society, Almost Human and my personal favourite, Touch; were probably some of the most underrated series that were on television. Because of this, they were inevitably cancelled some without even seeing a second season (or series depending on where you are).  It’s like the Fox Network has been doing the Foxtrot in reverse, two quick steps of great shows being put out, then two very slow steps when they’re removed, but shows like glee (don’t give me grief) have remained on the air for longer than necessary. I’m just saying what ever happened to keeping a show that’s actually interesting and about something on the air, or have we let the current influx of social media opinion dictate what stays and what goes? Even if it is complete rubbish? Hopefully quality TV is out there ready to make a hasty comeback


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