It’s Tricky…

I’m fairly new to this whole blogging thing. I wanted to start a blog about something I felt strongly. For the past 4 1/2 years I’ve watched and educated myself on television,character arcs, plots, the importance of setting, and I’ve found out what I like and what I don’t in a show. I’ve made multiple list of shows (separated by actor, genre, and year) I’ve watched and I’ve contemplated writing about it. Sooo… that’s just what I’ve done. Here’s where it get tricky, with other types of blogs, like fashion, for example it’s normally filled with picture upon picture. Personal blogs are just that, personal, so its based on personal experiences, which can be pretty easy to write about without much debate because they’re fact not fiction(mostly). With television it’s a bit different certain scene can be interpreted in different ways and people react to different characters, differently. I can picture and quote a thousand of my favourite lines but when it comes to blogging about it, it’s a bit more frustrating. I’m attempting to reach an audience of people who have their own perspective on television. Catering to that, in trying to be objective but also give my personal opinion, can get a bit muddy.  So, basically what I ask for is patience, I am not an expert nor to I claim to be. I want this blog to be an authentic place where you can come and read about shows you’ve never watched or shows you have watched but see it from a different POV. So stayed tuned!


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