Dear NBC

Dear NBC

As a concerned  and very LOYAL channel viewer it saddens  me to express myself in the manner that I am about to right now. Being part of the “Big Three” I grew up watching your network mainly because cable wasn’t so readily available to everyone. Because of this I appreciate good quality television as much, or maybe more, than the next person. From shows like Full House, Cosby Show, Saved by the Bell, Fresh Prince, Law & Order, & American Dreams, your channel has always been a staple in networks I actually spend my time watching. In the past couple of years other networks you’ve been in big competition with have been dispensing a plethora of shows that, in layman’s terms are “hits” and NBC in all honesty is not at the top of the list anymore. CBS has you beat by a long shot! Yes, I’m no expert. No, I didn’t study media in University. To you my opinion may hold no merit, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a years of devoting my LIFE to television. (kudos to me for the shameless Taken plug). I may not be the only one, but I feel as though CBS is where it is, is because it doesn’t pull a show the moment ratings fall rather they invest in seeing it prosper despite the odds and I’m pretty sure that’s the reason CSI has the longevity it does and my personal favorite Blue Bloods. Allegiance was “new” it was exciting. First, you moved Blacklist from Mondays to Thursdays which in itself was a gutsy move, mainly because it now faced even more competition from shows like How To Get Away With Murder & Scandal. Hoping that your very loyal viewers would follow you to that day so you could introduce us to Allegiance. That we did, and many of us got hooked! Then it receives some criticism from critics who, sometimes, don’t know jackshit about anything. They’ve compared it to The Americans and Sherlock, when clearly its not! All I’m saying, in terms of promising shows, the choices are limited. I say trust a show and promote the HELL out of it letting people know how AMAZING it is and trust the view will come. Don’t cancel Allegiance before giving it its fair shot!


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