UnReality Tv

I loathe reality television! I deplore it! Now I’m all for supporting you watching whatever tickles your fancy, but I cannot stand when good shows are taken off the air and shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and Love and Hip Hop, Geordie Shore is almost 13 seasons strong. At first, I understood the appeal, you see people in their “element” and are allowed to see what it is they do on a daily basis. However, none of it is real and often times producers find new ways to spruce up these television shows by adding some kind of unwarranted drama.

That’s why I appreciated Lifetime’s show Unreal” it was a form of satire that exposed the reality of “reality TV” and to be quite honest I enjoyed. I gotta admit the ONLY reason I even considered watching UnReal is because of Freddie Stroma. After watching, I was hooked for a number of reasons the first one being Rachel the main character. The shows “closer” who seemed to have had a psychotic break at the culmination of the filming of their previous season of the Everlasting a parody to ABC’s Bachelor. Now she’s back with hopes of changing her situation but is pulled back into being the same manipulative, conniving, individual she was and it begins to take a toll on her mental health, AGAIN. I think the premise of this show is brilliant and it was really interesting to have a scripted show that basically exposes what really happens on these shows. Bravo, Sarah Shapiro, Bravo!!

It’s a bit late and the season has already concluded but it’s never too late to catch up on Unreal before season 2 commences.


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