Gotham! I don’t expect you to know a lot about me seeing the ultimate slacker that I’ve been, but I’m a huge fan of comics. From vintage comics to the newer ones. From movie adaptations and television as well. The thing I love about comics is that no storyline is definite, everything exist in an alternate reality, a different world, different era, or alternate timeline. The death of a character is never expected or finite they may be brought back to life, reincarnated, or remain dead. With that being Gotham is back this season! Yes, I’ve been watching from the beginning, and yes I was immediately hooked but there’s something different about this season.

The premise of the show is what intrigued me most watching each character’s “humble beginnings” and how the writers embellished upon or even rewrote what they think should’ve been the origin of the character. Now whilst that alone seems interesting enough when the show initially started I was a bit thrown off by the acting. Now don’t get me wrong acting is a very hard job, and by no means do I know what it’s like, but I just wasn’t responding to it the way I wanted to. Maybe that was the producers and the writers intentions. To have a sort of dry monotone acting combined with cheesy comical one-liners, but it was something I couldn’t look past, but every week I watched on. Trying to figure out “Who is Fish Mooney?” What’s her role, how does the Penguin get to be the OG he is. Is there any relevance to Poison Ivy being here? Why is Bruce Wayne so bland? (that was one of my biggest questions). Now I’ve seen David Mazouz (Wayne) as an autistic genius in Fox’s canceled drama Touch, which is an amazing show starring Kiefer Sutherland, and he was absolutely amazing and maybe that role was made for him. I know that Batman is supposed to be this mysterious, brooding type but everything just screamed snore except when he was paired up with Selina Kyle; she brought something different out of him.

The second season, however, is only 3 episodes in and it’s BLOWING MY MIND! Not only did last season end with some pretty substantial plot twist, but it also led to some amazing character introductions like Jerome who led us to believe he would be the Joker which I’m not so certain of. Barbara Keane “killing her parents” which wasn’t seen on screen but we’re led to believe so and Enigma on his way to becoming the fully blown riddler. this season is just filled with so much potential especially in the growth of the whole Batman storyline I’m just excited to see how it all pans out.(This was written months ago)

Since then A LOT of storylines have unraveled especially the Riddler’s, without given spoilers because we all hate “spoilers”  (shameless Doctor Who plug) this season has fallen nothing shy of amazing and we’re only halfway through season two.




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