UnReality Tv

I loathe reality television! I deplore it! Now I’m all for supporting you watching whatever tickles your fancy, but I cannot stand when good shows are taken off the air and shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and Love and Hip Hop, Geordie Shore is almost 13 seasons strong. At first, I understood the appeal, you see people in their “element” and are allowed to see what it is they do on a daily basis. However, none of it is real and often times producers find new ways to spruce up these television shows by adding some kind of unwarranted drama.

That’s why I appreciated Lifetime’s show Unreal” it was a form of satire that exposed the reality of “reality TV” and to be quite honest I enjoyed. I gotta admit the ONLY reason I even considered watching UnReal is because of Freddie Stroma. After watching, I was hooked for a number of reasons the first one being Rachel the main character. The shows “closer” who seemed to have had a psychotic break at the culmination of the filming of their previous season of the Everlasting a parody to ABC’s Bachelor. Now she’s back with hopes of changing her situation but is pulled back into being the same manipulative, conniving, individual she was and it begins to take a toll on her mental health, AGAIN. I think the premise of this show is brilliant and it was really interesting to have a scripted show that basically exposes what really happens on these shows. Bravo, Sarah Shapiro, Bravo!!

It’s a bit late and the season has already concluded but it’s never too late to catch up on Unreal before season 2 commences.


Undateable (LIVE)

If you haven’t seen Undateable on NBC then, I’m sorry it’s never too late to start and if you have and weren’t a fan I’ll pray you get a sense of humour.

For the past year, I’ve been begging my friend to watch this show called Undateable for the simple fact that 1) I have an amazing taste in television, and 2) comedies are his bread and butter, so I thought I’d slather a little bit more on his plate. After months of begging and nagging, he finally took some time and gave it a shot. In 24 hrs time, he had marathoned the whole first season and managed to get caught up on the second season a week before the season finale. Now if that isn’t enough to spark your interest hopefully this is.

IT TAKES PLACE IN A BAR!! In my opinion, all the great shows take place in a bar/diner or at least have scenes that are in a bar. Cheers, The Sopranos, Happy Days, True Blood, and 2 Broke Girls. By no means am I saying that Undateable is the Sopranos of Primetime telly, but there’s just something about the bar atmosphere that makes for some amazing television. Each episode is filled with laughs and awesome chemistry, with such a diverse cast, in terms of representation of characters. From the womanizer to the creepy nerd, the burly gay one, the wimpy lover boy, the chubby lovable one, and the badass divorcee. This show isn’t short on laughs. The first season was enough to get me hooked.

In the second season a new cast mate was introduced and I wasn’t sure how’d she fit into the whole “Ménage à Six” that was going on. I’ve seen her mainly in children’s shows and movies like the Disney comedy Good Luck Charlie, but I wasn’t sure of she’s fit in to this particular sitcom. My uncertainty was soon put at ease. Sure, she played the stereotypical “dumb blonde” but her character was much more than that and there was room enough for her to grow without taking the show into a touchy feely drama it was never meant to be. Keeping the authenticity of the show.

Writers even took it up a notch when they decided to make the season finale of the second season LIVE and unfiltered, it was nothing short of unadulterated laughs. Watching the cast do what they do best, give laughs and having unbelievable chemistry while doing it. Don’t wanna take my word for it? Watch the premiere this Friday October 9!

You’re welcome.

My Mad Fat Life

I can’t wait for summer! Normally it’s the season that I dread the most, but this year a lot of things are transpiring. I finally graduate and will be able to put my university days behind me, but I’m also really grateful because of college and being the humungous slacker that I am, I was able to figure out what my passion was and this blog wouldn’t exist. The second reason my anticipation for summer’s arrival cannot be contained is the return of My Mad Fat Diary! I’ve anticipated its return for more than a year not and I’m waiting for Finn’s “To be Continued” to Resume so…. It needs to hurry up! (This is what I wrote 4 months ago) Since then, My Mad Fat Diary has started and 2 episodes have gone by. Graduation is still within my grasp, summer isn’t over yet. *fingers crossed*. Hence, the lack of my presence on here. By far this series has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Without divulging too much details. Rae has pretty much gone MENTAL! Last year of college and A-levels and applying for Uni has been at the forefront (I can totally relate). She’s been through so much and she’s finally in a place where she’s content and has found some sort of stability, she’s been thrown so many new challenges, one might find it difficult for her to cope. Well, she doesn’t, and that’s basically the premise of this whole series. I was so excited to see how it unfold only to be emotionally mutilated after finding out that there are only 3 episode in this series, then all that will remain of Rae and “ the Gang” is a distant memory. The one thing I really love about this show is its genuineness. Sure, it’s about a group of friends who live in Stamford, Lincolnshire and all their debacles, but it targets some serious stuff. In a way that’s not too heavy, but also relatable. Even though the topic matter may not be something you’re personally dealing with, it encompasses the stress of everyday life specifically teenagers. Growing up in a society and struggling with inner demons. Attempting to hide them from people only to realise you having friends that notice you’re mess, putting up with it, and helping you through it even though at times you may not think you need it. Understand hey! We all go through some shit, you’re shit may be more different than mine but we still have you’re back. First of all, I’m here for Rae & Finn ALL THE WAY!! I’ve never “shipped” (I really loathe that term) a couple more than I’ve shipped them. Especially after that bathroom scene in series two when Rae was being a complete and utter “dickhead.” Rae is such a complex character, in her ability to self-sabotage anything good that’s going for her i.e. her relationship with Finn and her friends. We only saw her in the first series but Tix was probably one of the most important characters in the show for me. The one person that Rae could relate to the most, having that stripped away from you at a time when you felt like you needed her most could be very difficult which is why I feel as though Rae places so much importance on the group of friends that she’s acquired, and Kester At the risk of sounding like the poster girl for Mental Illness, I feel as though My Mad Fat Diary is semi-modern take on just ONE instance of mental illness that’s super relatable and suitable for any age. Sharon Rooney does an exceptional job and she was the perfect cast. Not to mention Nico Mirallegro for obvious reasons 😉 Tonight is the night- if you haven’t been watching START NOW. If you have? Prepare for the water works because I’m sure we’re in for a bumpy ride.