The Dawn of an Empire….

I’m not sure if you’v all heard but if you haven’t Fox has a new show called Empire, which over the course of a month has been promoted as “the next BIG thing.” So before it even aired i had already written it off, because it had been over hyped and i felt that Fox felt that they had something to prove in terms of presenting a show that black people would relate too in hopes of reaching a new demographic. Normally when picking programmes to watch, I’m very liberal in the sense that I give all show a fair chance before knocking it but, I know what I like even prior to watching.

I didn’t get to watch it the night it aired but my brother insisted that it’s something I had to watch. that I did! I made sure i watched for a couple weeks before writing. So, here’s MY open and honest opinion of Fox’s “Empire”.

From the first scene alone i thought the show would have an abundance of stereotypes muddled in it. In the word of George Washington ” I cannot tell a lie” despite my biggest attempts to not become captivated by the show I was drawn in to see what would happen next with each episode. I’ve conformed to what I thought I would not and I’m completely unapologetic. Sure this show contains a CRAP LOAD of stereotypes and may not an accurate representation of Black people in America, but then again it can be for some. I’m not in the music industry and sure it may me GROSSLY exaggerated for the sake of grasping viewers, but HEY some of the stuff very well may happen. The show is authentic in showing what power and money can do to a family.

Other than some misrepresentations, this show has a pretty good story line. Cookie seems to be the big boss despite, Lucious Lyons being the head of Empire. Going down for your husband, to support his career and dreams, spending time in jail away from your children and allowing them to be raised by their father who, in my opinion, was not inept for the job. Coming back and trying to forge a relation after missing 17 years and finding out that your so called husband has moved on!?  Kudos to Cookie for slightly keeping it together and being the ultimate comeback queen and the proprietor of EMPIRE and shade.

Fox certainly is certainly pulling out all the stops with such a huge star studded cast. Whilst this may be breaking the bank now the payoff will be immense and, so far is. I’m an economics major so I’d say that Fox knows what it’s doing and you got to spend money to make money and TRUST me; They’re making money.

If you don’t trust my opinion or just plain not interested by all means ignore the show and don’t give it a second thought. On the other hand, if you are interested, would you be so inclined give it a chance it couldn’t hurt. Maybe it could, Who knows?