I Pledge Allegiance

At first, I was pretty annoyed when NBC changed they’re line up and move the Blacklist from Monday’s to Thursdays which interfered with my other shows. Now? still a bit apprehensive, but it was a strategic and hopefully yields the results they were hoping on. I digress

Man+fiery furnace+tied down to slab being burned alive while other watch=One helluva opening. One thing I have to say is that Theses writers sure do know how to start a show. Who doesn’t wanna see a body being burned a live in the opening scene? If that doesn’t get you attention I don’t know what will.

Allegiance has to be my new addiction! With some familiar faces like Margarita Levieva ; Amanda Clark from Revenge and Scott Cohen; Harlan from The Carrie Diaries and some newer face like Gavin Stenhouse, Allegiance is fresh faced. Some are saying it’s a cheap rip off of FX’s The Americans and Alex’s powers of deduction is a cheap imitation of Sherlock; People are entitled to their opinion albeit wrong. Allegiance is about 3 episodes in and many jumped to this conclusion after ONE episode. The writers of Allegiance have to have some kind of unprecedented ability to clump together 3 seasons and 30 episodes worth of material into ONE 45 minute episode. If this was done I’d love to know what school they attended and what I can do to achieve such a skill. The one and possibly ONLY similarity to the two is that it’s based on a  Russian family living in america whose main characters happen to be spies. the premise is different, Time period, and objectives of the characters are completely unrelated.

As far as the Sherlock correlation goes there is bare minimum, if  the criteria for a show imitating Sherlock is based solely upon deductive reasoning, knowledge of the world and having the ability to come to conclusions, how about we point fingers at every crime drama there is on television. ABC’s Forever (which I love btw) is more closely related to Sherlock than Allegiance will ever be. I’ve seemed to have deviated again. Needless to say Allegiance is off to a good start and I can’t wait to see how the season unfolds.