The Game of Life

So I was watching the news yesterday and there was a story that broke about a Russian spy ring (KGB) bust that happened in New York. The first thing that popped in my mind was Tom Hughes. About 2 months ago BBC had a series called ‘The Game’ that aired on BBC One(BBC America in the states). If you’ve never heard of it I suggest you have a look. Without going into too much detail now; it revolves around MI5 operative Joe (Tom Hughes) who’s on a mission to unravel a KGB operation entitled “Operation Glass” as a means to rectify his action for defecting the year prior, but it also becomes a personal vendetta to avenge the death of Yuli, an informant he fell in love with, who was killed by Oden, the man who seems to be behind this whole operation. Mistrust, deception, weird sexual encounters, sabotage all words that you may think are associated with “Operation Glass” but…… You’re just gonna have to watch to figure it out! Just thought it was pretty cool to have a reference from television taking place in real life.