A Wise Man Once Said..

“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.”  Apparently Benjamin Franklin was influential at one point in history :/ so I’ll take his word for it.

I wont be giving a long list of justifications as to why I’ve not posted or bore you with the mundane details of my life, just know that I have a lot of drafts just itching to be published! 18 to be exact, so there’s a lot of writing that has been going on and not a lot of publishing. For the simple fact that, I want it to be an accurate representation of what I feel whatever the programme I’m writing about is ( does that constitute as an excuse?)Hmmm maybe it does. Au revoir


My Mad Fat Life

I can’t wait for summer! Normally it’s the season that I dread the most, but this year a lot of things are transpiring. I finally graduate and will be able to put my university days behind me, but I’m also really grateful because of college and being the humungous slacker that I am, I was able to figure out what my passion was and this blog wouldn’t exist. The second reason my anticipation for summer’s arrival cannot be contained is the return of My Mad Fat Diary! I’ve anticipated its return for more than a year not and I’m waiting for Finn’s “To be Continued” to Resume so…. It needs to hurry up! (This is what I wrote 4 months ago) Since then, My Mad Fat Diary has started and 2 episodes have gone by. Graduation is still within my grasp, summer isn’t over yet. *fingers crossed*. Hence, the lack of my presence on here. By far this series has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Without divulging too much details. Rae has pretty much gone MENTAL! Last year of college and A-levels and applying for Uni has been at the forefront (I can totally relate). She’s been through so much and she’s finally in a place where she’s content and has found some sort of stability, she’s been thrown so many new challenges, one might find it difficult for her to cope. Well, she doesn’t, and that’s basically the premise of this whole series. I was so excited to see how it unfold only to be emotionally mutilated after finding out that there are only 3 episode in this series, then all that will remain of Rae and “ the Gang” is a distant memory. The one thing I really love about this show is its genuineness. Sure, it’s about a group of friends who live in Stamford, Lincolnshire and all their debacles, but it targets some serious stuff. In a way that’s not too heavy, but also relatable. Even though the topic matter may not be something you’re personally dealing with, it encompasses the stress of everyday life specifically teenagers. Growing up in a society and struggling with inner demons. Attempting to hide them from people only to realise you having friends that notice you’re mess, putting up with it, and helping you through it even though at times you may not think you need it. Understand hey! We all go through some shit, you’re shit may be more different than mine but we still have you’re back. First of all, I’m here for Rae & Finn ALL THE WAY!! I’ve never “shipped” (I really loathe that term) a couple more than I’ve shipped them. Especially after that bathroom scene in series two when Rae was being a complete and utter “dickhead.” Rae is such a complex character, in her ability to self-sabotage anything good that’s going for her i.e. her relationship with Finn and her friends. We only saw her in the first series but Tix was probably one of the most important characters in the show for me. The one person that Rae could relate to the most, having that stripped away from you at a time when you felt like you needed her most could be very difficult which is why I feel as though Rae places so much importance on the group of friends that she’s acquired, and Kester At the risk of sounding like the poster girl for Mental Illness, I feel as though My Mad Fat Diary is semi-modern take on just ONE instance of mental illness that’s super relatable and suitable for any age. Sharon Rooney does an exceptional job and she was the perfect cast. Not to mention Nico Mirallegro for obvious reasons 😉 Tonight is the night- if you haven’t been watching START NOW. If you have? Prepare for the water works because I’m sure we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Dear NBC

Dear NBC

As a concerned  and very LOYAL channel viewer it saddens  me to express myself in the manner that I am about to right now. Being part of the “Big Three” I grew up watching your network mainly because cable wasn’t so readily available to everyone. Because of this I appreciate good quality television as much, or maybe more, than the next person. From shows like Full House, Cosby Show, Saved by the Bell, Fresh Prince, Law & Order, & American Dreams, your channel has always been a staple in networks I actually spend my time watching. In the past couple of years other networks you’ve been in big competition with have been dispensing a plethora of shows that, in layman’s terms are “hits” and NBC in all honesty is not at the top of the list anymore. CBS has you beat by a long shot! Yes, I’m no expert. No, I didn’t study media in University. To you my opinion may hold no merit, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a years of devoting my LIFE to television. (kudos to me for the shameless Taken plug). I may not be the only one, but I feel as though CBS is where it is, is because it doesn’t pull a show the moment ratings fall rather they invest in seeing it prosper despite the odds and I’m pretty sure that’s the reason CSI has the longevity it does and my personal favorite Blue Bloods. Allegiance was “new” it was exciting. First, you moved Blacklist from Mondays to Thursdays which in itself was a gutsy move, mainly because it now faced even more competition from shows like How To Get Away With Murder & Scandal. Hoping that your very loyal viewers would follow you to that day so you could introduce us to Allegiance. That we did, and many of us got hooked! Then it receives some criticism from critics who, sometimes, don’t know jackshit about anything. They’ve compared it to The Americans and Sherlock, when clearly its not! All I’m saying, in terms of promising shows, the choices are limited. I say trust a show and promote the HELL out of it letting people know how AMAZING it is and trust the view will come. Don’t cancel Allegiance before giving it its fair shot!

A Season of Change

The season has definitely changed but the weather in NY is pretty much still winter. With spring comes a seasonal shift in the television industry. Hiatuses and winter wrap ups some premieres.  A lot has changed since my last post. Waterloo Road ended officially, I caught up on The Night Shift, Agent Carter wrapped its first season and Allegiance was cancelled (Seriously WTF NBC!!!), The Musketeers wrapped up season 2, Empire finished its first season. Hart of Dixie was cancelled and the series finale aired. What can I say a lot has transpired in the television community in the past month! All the shows about hopefully I’ll have some more commentary on as well as some more shows that I’ve recently delved into, but first and foremost be sure to look out for a strongly worded post about the cancellation of Allegiance!! I’m fuming mad!! Stay Tuned!

I Pledge Allegiance

At first, I was pretty annoyed when NBC changed they’re line up and move the Blacklist from Monday’s to Thursdays which interfered with my other shows. Now? still a bit apprehensive, but it was a strategic and hopefully yields the results they were hoping on. I digress

Man+fiery furnace+tied down to slab being burned alive while other watch=One helluva opening. One thing I have to say is that Theses writers sure do know how to start a show. Who doesn’t wanna see a body being burned a live in the opening scene? If that doesn’t get you attention I don’t know what will.

Allegiance has to be my new addiction! With some familiar faces like Margarita Levieva ; Amanda Clark from Revenge and Scott Cohen; Harlan from The Carrie Diaries and some newer face like Gavin Stenhouse, Allegiance is fresh faced. Some are saying it’s a cheap rip off of FX’s The Americans and Alex’s powers of deduction is a cheap imitation of Sherlock; People are entitled to their opinion albeit wrong. Allegiance is about 3 episodes in and many jumped to this conclusion after ONE episode. The writers of Allegiance have to have some kind of unprecedented ability to clump together 3 seasons and 30 episodes worth of material into ONE 45 minute episode. If this was done I’d love to know what school they attended and what I can do to achieve such a skill. The one and possibly ONLY similarity to the two is that it’s based on a  Russian family living in america whose main characters happen to be spies. the premise is different, Time period, and objectives of the characters are completely unrelated.

As far as the Sherlock correlation goes there is bare minimum, if  the criteria for a show imitating Sherlock is based solely upon deductive reasoning, knowledge of the world and having the ability to come to conclusions, how about we point fingers at every crime drama there is on television. ABC’s Forever (which I love btw) is more closely related to Sherlock than Allegiance will ever be. I’ve seemed to have deviated again. Needless to say Allegiance is off to a good start and I can’t wait to see how the season unfolds.

Today is Wednesday

Ok so obviously today is Wednesday and as per custom I tend to overwhelm myself with a plethora on television programmes(basically everyday of the week) .So just in case you’re interested Here’s my Wednesday line-up (and yes I watch every single one). Disclaimer: I obviously cant watch shows at the same time it takes away from it what I don’t watch live I watch on demand

Wolf Hall (BBC TWO) 4:00 Eastern time

Arrow (The CW) 8:00PM

Melissa and Joey (ABC Family) 8:00PM

Baby Daddy(ABC Family) 8:30PM

Law & Order SVU(NBC) 9:00 PM

Empire(FOX) 9:00 PM

Chicago PD(NBC) 10:00PM

Stalker (CBS) 10:00PM

Suits (USA Network) 10:00PM

Nashville (ABC)10:00 PM

Interested in me writing about tonights episodes let me know in the comments!

The Night Shift

Last year I saw a preview for a show that looked promising and I was interested in watching, then I forgot all about it. I’m a bit late to the party but I’ve recently watched the first episode  of The Night Shift and it looks promising. To be quite honest my interest may end there but I hope it doesn’t. Who doesn’t like a good ole medical drama? Stayed tuned

One more thing being that Award Season is still upon us I thought it best that I honour that tradition and award myself with the “Slacker of the Year Award.” hopefully I get my crap together and am better able to manage life events better.